embedded Economist launches to more than 300 viewers

by | 2 Oct 2020 | News

In a year with no shortage of Zoom invites to choose from, a large audience tuned in this week to hear Professor John Karnon speak to the first Community of Practice session for the NSW Regional Health Partners embedded Economist Program.

A blend of NSW and South Australian architects of the embedded Economist – a pilot program backed by the Medical Research Future Fund – joined a billing that attracted 330 viewers. The session was the first in a series of 10 slated to be webcast for the rest of the year.

As well as arguing that John Maynard Keynes embodied the maxim You Only Live Once (YOLO), Professor Karnon, the program’s lead economist for the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network, described the prisms through which to look at value in healthcare.

“In the short run, my aim is to think about how to use economic evaluation within local health services,” Professor Karnon told the audience.

“But in the medium run, my aim is to generate more evidence of the cost-effectiveness of healthcare delivery models so that we can compare the value of investing in [those] models with investing in new technologies. It may mean that we can actually negotiate better on price.”

The embedded Economist, piloted by NSW Regional Health Partners, helps health services build the capacity to evaluate themselves. The scheme moves economics from the periphery to the core of health workers’ thinking, and is being delivered in five sites across NSW as well as Southern Adelaide Local Health Network and more broadly in South Australia.

The opening Community of Practice also featured NSW Regional Health Partners director Professor Christine Jorm, who is program lead for the embedded Economist, NSW project sites lead economist Professor Andrew Searles, and Health Translation South Australia director Wendy Keech.

It was facilitated by Dr Lou Conway and Steve Carruthers from the University of New England Smart Region Incubator, and Professor Andrew Bersten, director of the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network Office of Research.

The next session will be an “Ask me anything/BYO problem session” with professors Karnon and Searles webcast from 1pm to 2pm, Tuesday October 6.

For more information about accessing the project and your health district’s involvement, contact your site lead.

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