The embedded Economist Program is being evaluated to understand the outcomes of embedding an economist within health services and providing specialist economic evaluation education. 

Using a mixed methods approach, the program evaluation has 3 main components:

1. Site-Based Evaluation

Including baseline survey, non-participant observations, documentary analysis, semi-structured interviews & economist field diaries

2. Evaluation of education component

Including education surveys & semi-structured interviews

3. FAIT Impact Framework

The Framework to Assess the Impact from Translational health research (FAIT) will be applied to the program

Social Science Research Committee

To ensure the research is theoretically & methodologically sound, & findings are able to be integrated into practice, the embedded Economist program is overseen by the Social Science Research Committee. Members include:

Dr Donella Piper

Donella is a Senior Lecturer in Management & Organisational Studies at UNE. Donella is responsible for the evaluation and qualitative (Social Science) aspects of the program as well as overall project management.

Dr Donella Piper

Professor Nick Goodwin

Nick is the Director, Central Coast Research Institute, and Director of Research, Central Coast LHD. He is a social scientist, academic and policy analyst, and provides advice to eE on methodological issues.

Professor  Nick Goodwin

Professor Rick Iedema

Rick is Professor and Director of the Centre for Team-based Practice & Learning in Health Care at King’s College London.  Rick brings an international perspective to the project & advises on methodological issues.

Professor Rick Iedema

Professor Christine Jorm

Christine is the Director of NSW Regional Health Partnersan NHMRC accredited Centre for Innovation in Regional Health. Christine has overall responsibility for the embedded Economist Program.

Professor Christine Jorm