eE Governance

The embedded Economist Program is overseen by the embedded Economist Steering Committee (eESC). The eESC provides oversight, advice and direction into the implementation, impact and influence of the program.

The responsibilities of the eESC are to:

  • Provide strategic oversight and direction to the program team to ensure each element of the intervention is successful.
  • Advise the program team on managing organisational issues and difficulties encountered within project sites.
  • Provide assurance that the research is credible and influential.
  • Monitor the implementation of the program protocol including, but not limited to, budget and timeline deliverables.
  • Ensure that health services receive value from participating in individual site projects.
  • Provide advice on how the intervention may have a broader influence beyond the life of the individual site projects and overall program.

embedded Economist Steering Committee

Emeritus Professor

Maree Gleeson

Independent Chair

Ms Jane Gray

Hunter New England LHD Respresentative

Mr Michael DiRienzo

Hunter New England LHD Representative

Mr Peter Johnston

Consumer Representative

Professor Christine Jorm

eE Program Lead

Ms Wendy Keech

Health Translational SA

Associate Professor

Rachael Morton

External Academic Representative

Dr Antonio Penna

NSW Ministry of Health Representative

Dr Donella Piper

Program Manager & Social Scientist

Associate Professor

Andrew Searles

Lead Economist