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The eE program

The embedded Economist Program features two core components. The first component is the embedding or situating of a health economist within a health organisation for around 3 months.

The second component offers learning support to senior managers & decision-makers. An online university course teaches participants how to apply basic health economic & evaluation concepts to their work & how to measure the outcomes & impact of their program, service, initiative or technology. The eE Program also facilitates an online community of practice (ComPrac) for all staff interested in health economics.


Although Australia spends about $180 billion on healthcare every year, it is clear that not all of this healthcare delivers value for money. A conservative estimate is that about 20% of this (or $36 billion) is wasted on ineffective or inefficient healthcare provision.

Substantial productivity improvements are possible – addressing just 0.5% of waste in healthcare would free up an estimated $180 million per annum to be better spent on cost-effective prevention, treatment and management of disease.

In 2018, NSW Regional Health Partners undertook a national project investigating local level evaluation of healthcare in Australia.


The project revealed a strong belief within health services that evaluation is important for decision-making; however evaluation at the local level is often not undertaken and when it is, the quality varies.

As a result, The Local Level Evaluation of Healthcare in Australia report recommends approaches to support capacity building of health professionals through: 1) The co-location of rare evaluation expertise (e.g. health economics) within local level health services; and 2) Targeted education and training in evaluation (including health economics).

The embedded Economist


Program Delivery

The eE Program is being delivered by NSW Regional Health Partners, an NHMRC Centre for Innovation for Regional Health, & Health Translation SA, an NHMRC Advanced Health Research & Translation Centre.



The program is funded by a research grant from the NHMRC Medical Research Future Fund, administered through NSW Regional Health Partners.



The Program is overseen by the eE Steering Committee, with notable academics, health service executives & Government representatives as members.



The eE program is being evaluated using a mixed methods approach.


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